New Tech: Coffee Sleeves Just Got Personal

St. Louis Company Printing Custom Coffee Sleeves

From juice presses to coffee machines, it seems that pretty much every aspect of our daily lives are becoming more and more high tech.  Coffee sleeves are no different.  A St. Louis-based company wants everyone, from local cafes to consumers, to have the ability to get their own custom-designed sleeves.

The Coffee Sleeve

Ah, the coffee sleeve.  Coffee drinkers everywhere have come to love that little cardboard sleeve.  Designed to keep the contents of the beverage from burning your hands, new and improved cups have pretty much negated the coffee sleeves original intentions.  Today, coffee sleeves serve more as an opportunity for branding and customization.  From Starbuck to your local cafe, pretty much every coffee shop has their own coffee sleeves pushing their brand.  However, until recently, these coffee sleeves have been uniform in nature.  Enticed by bulk order discounts, coffee shops rarely diversify the designs on their coffee sleeves.

Coffee Sleeves
Coffee Sleeves just got personal!

Enter Sleeve A Message

Sleeve A Message is based in St. Louis, Missouri.  The company’s roots go back to decades to when founder Dave Dresner was 10 years old.  That’s when Dresner first had the idea to put custom designs and personal messages on coffee sleeves.  Today, the company has multiple corporate clients as well as major universities including Washington University in St. Louis.  However, it’s not just big companies and prestigious universities that can have their own custom coffee sleeves printed up.  Thanks to advances in the tech world, anyone can have their own custom coffee sleeves printed up.

Sleeve A Message is not only affordable but also uses sustainable technology.  Sleeve A Message, as well as their coaster division–Coast A Message, uses water-based inks and recycled materials in all sleeves and coasters.  Not only are their coffee sleeves and coasters sustainable but they also plant trees.  Through a partnership with a local organization in St. Louis, Sleeve A Message plants a tree in urban areas per 7,000 sleeves printed.

Sure, it’s sustainable and sustainable products typically come with a hefty price tag.  Not, Sleeve A Message’s coffee sleeves.  Thanks to high tech printing solutions, anyone can purchase 1800 custom designed coffee sleeves for under $85.

Sleeve A Message allows customers to submit a wide variety of designs.  Sleeve A Messages team of designers will then work with customers to ensure that each design comes out perfectly.  Additionally, because printing is so affordable, customers now have the ability to print more designs.  Say, for example, a local cafe is having a fundraiser, that cafe can print limited edition sleeves for that event.  Maybe you’re hosting a convention.  Why not bring some coffee and donuts and put a coupon on the side of your custom designed coffee sleeves allowing attendees to take advantage of exclusive offers?

The possibilities are endless with this brand new custom coffee sleeve printing technology!

Learn more about Sleeve A Message and Coast A Message here.