New aids in the Search for Loose Diamonds Announces a Revamped Search Tool that Makes Finding Loose Diamonds Easier Than Ever.  The tool evaluates over 30,000 diamonds from the Lumera inventory. Interested parties can narrow their search from standard diamond criteria, such as carat, cut, and clarity.  They can also dig deeper and evaluate aspects such as polish, symmetry, depth percentages and fluorescence.

The tool also helps aid the customer in the evaluation process when investing in a diamond. They can interact with a Lumera consultant who might be able to suggest an alternate option in order to lower the price.  Consultants will help shoppers avoid excessively high quality. Instead, they help to look beyond the limited scope of only local diamonds and offer substantial discounts. The website and tool are free because Lumera believes in empowering customers to make excellent decisions. They want the customer to be well informed and understand what they are buying. What is neat about Lumera’s site is that, if used properly,   may find higher quality diamonds at lower prices than they would if they went into a store near them. Lumera also has a unique approach of never having sales or promotions. At first, this may seem negative, but really Lumera does it because they want their customers to have access to low prices at all times.

Lumera Diamonds sells diamonds through their website with a mission of transparency and customer education. Lumera does not want their customers to feel that they are being misled or manipulated in the name of making a sale. Rather, Lumera wants to rid customers of their fear when making jewelry purchases. One way they do this is by making sure that their diamonds are GIA certified and backed by a quality guarantee, a lifetime of trade privileges, a 30-day return policy, and a written appraisal.

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