Get 50GB free VPN bandwidth every month for life

A virtual private network (VPN) is a convenient way to protect your privacy by redirecting your online activity through secure remote servers. Free VPNs typically give you as little as 500MB per month, but Canadian provider Windscribe is giving new users an impressive 50GB every month for life.

To get started, visit Windscribe’s signup page and click ‘Use for free’. Enter a username and password, then click ‘Have a voucher’ and enter the code 50GBFREE.

You’ll see a confirmation message informing you that you have 10GB of data – don’t worry, the full 50GB will appear in your account overview.

Once that’s done, download the client and log in. Then just select a country from the drop-down list, flick the switch and start browsing.

Use the code 50GBFREE to get five times the usual data allowance when you register with Windscribe

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