How Beer Benefits from Coasters

Every business could benefit from more advertising, and in the same way better advertising is just as valuable, if not more.  The method in which a business sends its message is critical to the overall success of both the message and the business.  Take, for example, the rising business of craft beer.


The craft beer market is growing and with it, the ability to advertise with custom coasters. There are five reasons why custom coasters are a craft beer necessity.

  1. Brand awareness- There might not be any better way to make sure a beer drinker learns about a beer other than to tell him or her while they are drinking.  Custom coasters that sit beneath beer glasses and beer bottles are a constant source of brand awareness.  
  2. Boost sales- Custom coasters do more than tell people about new beers, they remind people to drink the brands and flavors they already know about.  An indecisive customer might select a craft beer only because they saw it on a custom coaster.
  3. Coasters are collectible-  If you make a coaster good enough, people take it home and suddenly the coaster becomes a free, long term advertisement.  People will keep their favorite coasters if they like the brand.
  4. Coasters are inexpensive-  The low cost of coasters, combined with their effectiveness, makes these advertisements some of the most cost-efficient ways of sending a message.
  5. Event reminders- Coasters serve as event reminders for upcoming events at a bar or restaurant.  From Karaoke nights to happy hour specials, coasters help people remember to return.

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