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Accela Communications provides a suite of software platforms and professional services geared toward interactive videos.  We cover a wide range of industries, such as healthcare, information technology, financial, and marketing.  Our focus is to accelerate business growth with engaging multimedia, and to generate high-value data for monitoring results.

Our patented Accelecast rich media platform and Accelaworks data acquisition tools are engineered to create market opportunities while continuously monitoring their effectiveness.  Accelecast allows companies to create unique multimedia platforms to engage target markets effectively and meet varying objectives.  This platform works seamlessly with the AcceleWorks system, which analyzes and reports on the results.  Together the tools will  inform, create relationships, and direct future communications and learning activities.

Accela Communications also provides localization services for global deployment of on-demand rich media communications and webcast marketing initiatives. We can help you deliver your content to any international target market, while preserving your corporate brand and message. More than just basic translation, full localization enables you to position and adapt your company’s product and/or service to create cultural, linguistic, and commercial relevance to a specific locality.

We also seek partners for our AccelaCast Media Network to supplement audience development services, making your media available to a wide range of customers who have developed custom programs and require specialized promotional opportunities.

We would like to thank the following sponsors who help us continue to serve breaking tech news:

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